Jasper Defense


Humble Beginnings .

Jasper Defense was built on a frustration.....   Jamie, Owner, Chief Gunsmith and 

educator seen to much of the "Big Box" mentality of gun buying and ownership.  He 

watched as countless people walked into a store with cash in hand and out with no 

more then a box and no clue what they had just purchased.  This to just go home, 

read a manual and to see if one of the biggest purchases was going to work for them.  Then watched them slumber back in to the store

just to be met with a blank look behind the counter and no real answer just more and more frustration.  Not to mention the fact that the purchase held in hand was a tool!!!!! A tool to pass tradition, fill the freezer, or to protect their home/family.  Jamie realized that the same objectives he used in teaching Fire and EMS classes played a huge role in Firearm use and ownership!!!!  As a past Fire Chief, EMS Chief Operations officer, National EMS Instructor... Did not matter it was all the same, and quality eduction and implementation into the sale was key.  This experience lit a flame, a flame that turned into what you see now.  Quality above all else.  Place in the community.  Family, faith and traditions that will never be compromised.  We are proud to be a Christian Company and give back to those who support us.

Genesis 27:3 - Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me [some] venison